Padded A-Screen® Pro-X Pitching Screen 6x8

The A-Screen® Pro-X Pitching Screen is our biggest protective screen and it's the perfect addition to any high school team, college program, professional team or hitting facility.


"This is a product that has undeniable logic and flies directly in the face of conventional baseball L screens. I’m sure we have all heard about horror stories of coaches being hit by batted balls due to not pitching behind the L-screen correctly. This new A-Screen offers a solution especially for the coach who spends several hours a week behind a screen throwing batting practice." -Collegiate Baseball Magazine Vol. 54

The A-Screen® Pro-X Pitching Screen boasts a larger and taller design, thicker steel tubing, bigger wheels and additional padding. The curved A-Frame side is designed to completely protect the pitcher's upper body and shoulders, which the traditional L-Screen leaves exposed. The Pro-X is built for use at athletics facilities and by the pros

A-Screen® Pro-X Pitching Screen Features:

  • 6 ft. wide, 8 ft. tall frame
  • 1 3/4 inch galvenized (non-rusting) steel frame
  • Screens are easily assembled and secured with locking threaded nuts & bolts
  • Black pillow-case style #60 nylon netting
  • 2-year Guarantee on netting and frame
  • Made in the USA
  • Hitting Facility Tough
  • Black 1/2 inch thick Safe Foam padding reduces ricochet and bounce back
  • Welded axles and 10 inch Never-Flat rubber wheels

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