Durable Pitching Net Products

The A-Screen® pitching screen is more durable than your standard L-screen. Our 1 1/2" steel frames offer both stability and strength to stand up to the abuse of everyday use during batting practice. The UV protected and weather treated nylon netting slips over the frame pillow-case style to offer double protection. 

Our A-Screen® pitching screens are used by traveling teams, high schools, colleges, and training facilities all over the country and in all cases have lasted for more than four years without making any replacements. That is much more than you can say for most L-Screens! And most other companies can't offer the durability and warranty that we offer. The key lies in two major factors: premium quality materials and USA manufacturing. All of our products are designed, manufactured by hand, and shipped directly from our shop in Colorado.

Morrow Sports is committed to provided the safest and most durable equipment and our history shows this commitment. In over 10 years, few A-Screen® pitching screens have been returned and coaches that use our product say they won't ever go back to using the L-Screen. 


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"The A-screen is perfect for travel teams and use in local hitting cages that have worn L-Screens that are dangerous to use. The A-screen is very sturdy and durable."

                                                                                -Martin L.