About Morrow Sports

Morrow Sports was founded as the result of one simple man's observation: the traditional L-Screen failed to fully protect the pitcher during batting practice. This led owner and inventor David Morrow to create a superior design known as the A-Screen. With a curved side that matches the shape of the body during pitch follow through, coaches stayed fully protected while throwing batting practice. His A-Screen® was lightweight, portable, easy to assemble, and durable enough for the constant abuse of every day use. David earned multiple patents for his A-Screen® and subsequent versions. 

Today, A-Screen® pitching screens are used for traveling teams, high schools, colleges, MLB teams, and training facilities all throughout the country. They are quickly becoming the new industry standard pitching screen and coaches are replacing their L-Screens with the safer and more durable design. Each A-Screen® pitching screen is handcrafted in Fort Collins, Colorado by members of the Morrow family and is shipped directly from the shop after it's built. David's sons run the operations but you'll still find him welding, inspecting, and assembling screens before they are shipped. Morrow Sports is family owned and operated.

Morrow Sports LLC BBB Business Review